DAA Sales Support Update

To: All Members of the Sales Support Team
From: Robert McNamara

Date: 25th March 2021

Dear Members,

Following our recent general meeting of the Sales Support Team on foot of a communication from the Company regarding transferring 5 of the existing 23 members from the Sales Support Team to the Sales Professional team we have had meetings with the company on March 2nd and March 11th.

At the meetings the company outlined their position vis-a-vis what they believe is a declining resource requirement within the Sales Support Team, due to the unprecedented decline in passenger numbers which is likely to continue for some time yet. In making the decision the company clearly pointed to the provisions of our Framework Agreement of 2017 relating to interoperability and redeployment as well as the recent NWOW agreement on the follow the work principles.

Notwithstanding the forgoing provisions of the agreements following the representations made by Margaret and Dave along with Mandate, we have been able to build in a number of safeguards relating to the transfers as follows;

  • Transfers will be voluntary in the first instance
  • Full training will be provided to anyone transferring
  • Pay will not be affected
  • In the event not enough members volunteer to transfer, the matter will revert to a selection process based on those with the least service in the area being transferred over.
  • Alternative options, in the event that one of the employees from the affected cohort wish to explore an alternative option to transferring, in these limited circumstances the company are prepared to meet and discuss this with the individual concerned, examples of alternative options could be a career break etc.
  • Full review of the operation requirement of the Sales Support team will take place in January 2022
  • Employees transferred out of the area will be given priority on any possible future vacancies that might occur

Following our meeting with the company your union requested confirmation of the company’s commitments in writing, accordingly the company have outlined the commitments in writing and you can view the full correspondence by clicking HERE

If require any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact Margret, Dave or indeed myself.


Rob Mc Namara