Dunnes HR Department
Dunnes Stores Head Office
46-50 South Great Georges Street
Dublin 2

8th June 2021

Re: Banded Hours Request

To Whom It May Concern,

We work in Dunnes Stores, Bridge Centre Tullamore Co Offaly.
On 19th November 2020 we submitted written requests to our store manager to be placed
in a band of weekly working hours. On 12th May 2021 we submitted a reminder letter to our store manager to process our requests as it was well beyond the four-week time limit
allowed in legislation. As our requests have still not yet been processed, we are writing to
you to request your urgent assistance and intervention in the matter so that our requests
are processed without any further delay.
Please find enclosed copies of our original requests and reminder letter to our store

Dunnes Store
Bridge Centre
Co Offaly

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