All DAA Members Cork Airport

Re: Cork Airport Runway Reconstruction and Extension

30th June  2021

Dear Member

Please see further correspondence below which has been sent to the company regarding the above matter.


Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union 

Lorraine O’ Brien
Divisional Organiser




30th June 2021

Mr. Brendan O’ Hanlon

Head of Employee Relations


Dublin Airport

Co. Dublin



Re:   Cork Airport Runway Reconstruction and Extension

Dear Mr. O’ Hanlon

As you are aware the meeting scheduled to take place on 29th June 2021 between Mandate and DAA management was cancelled at very short notice. We understand that occasionally issues arise which may result in a meeting being re-scheduled, however on this occasion given the nature of the matters due for discussion, we are extremely disappointed that the meeting did not proceed as planned.

We wrote to your office on 7th May 2021 seeking a meeting in an attempt to achieve certainty for our members in respect of their employment status and earnings during the ten week period of the Airport closure. I am sure you can understand owing to the essence of our members work, they more than any other cohort in the Airport feel extremely vulnerable and therefore require concrete assurance from their employer as to how they will be treated for the purposes of the closure.

Moreover, it now transpires that discussions have taken place at other levels across the Airport which have allayed the fears of those workers and brought them certainty of hours and earnings. Consequently, our members understandably feel ignored and undervalued which is ironic given  that they continue to contribute financially to the business albeit in a limited way under current constraints.

Regrettably at this time of writing, our members remain the only section of the Cork Airport staff who have yet to be informed as to what if any level of earnings will be maintained for them or indeed if they are required to contribute in some way through annual leave or otherwise in an effort to retain full earnings.                                                                                                                                  

It appears that management have focused all of their attention on operational matters and staff working in those sections of the Airport have been provided with the assurances that management have so far failed to provide to our members.

We cannot overstate how frustrated and annoyed our members feel. They have delivered on all that was asked of them throughout this pandemic, they have been flexible, co-operative and demonstrated their willingness to work. Many of our members have commitments which requires them to forward plan for families and dependants. We do not believe it is unreasonable to seek immediate clarification on the matters outlined in this and our previous correspondence.

Your response by return is requested.


Yours sincerely,

For Mandate Trade Union,


Lorraine O’ Brien                                                                             

Divisional Organiser

cc.  All  Members