All Dunnes Stores Members



13 December 2022

Dear Member

Over the course of this year and following consultation with Dunnes workers we lodged a pay and benefits claim on your employer which provided for a general pay increase, the equalisation of pay scales, access to full-time work, improved sick pay and annual leave as well as the introduction of paid protective leave such as maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave.

In pursuit of these demands the campaign was supported by a petition which was ultimately signed by 2,100 Dunnes Stores workers demonstrating their support for the claim and calling on the company to implement the improvements sought. While the claim is ambitious, we believe it is fully justified bearing in mind the current economic crisis including the huge increases in food, fuel, rent and mortgage prices.  Dunnes Stores workers are under significant pressure owing to the reduced number of staff across the store locations and therefore expectations are that less staff will do more to make up the shortfall.

On Monday 5th December members of the Dunnes Stores National Committee delivered the petition to Dunnes head office in Dublin calling on the company to listen to their staff and implement the terms of the pay and benefits claim which they and their families need click here to view video.

The Dunnes Stores National Committee will continue to pursue this claim on your behalf ,however if we are to be successful, this requires the continued collective participation and support of all workers in the ongoing campaign. Please encourage your colleagues to Join Mandate as collectively we can influence and achieve change in your workplace.

Yours fraternally
Lorraine O’Brien

National Co-Ordinator
On behalf of the Dunnes National Committee

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