All Ex Debenhams Members

RE:        Workplace Relations Commission Hearing

25 January 2023

A Chara

The Adjudicator in the Mandate Trade Union test case against Debenhams Retail Ireland Limited and Debenhams Retail Ireland Limited (In Liquidation) has confirmed that a further reconvened hearing will be held on 3rd March at 12 noon in Lansdowne House

The purpose of the reconvened meeting is for the Adjudicator to hear both parties on relevant ECJ case law that may or may not be relevant to the complaints before the Adjudicator.  The Adjudicator also confirmed there is no need for further oral testimony or for any witnesses to attend.  After the reconvened hearing the Adjudicator will summarise the key issues and following any input will finalise the investigation and a decision will issue soon after.

We will continue to keep you updated of events relating to the case.

Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

Michael Meegan
Divisional Organiser

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