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27 May 2021


A Chara

Further to the acceptance of the €3m fund last week by way of a national ballot we wish to advise of the following

  1. €3m Fund (Next Steps)
    The union has been made initial contact with representatives from the Department of Education and they have indicated as a first step that they are in the process of identifying a suitable Chairperson to oversee the group who will have ultimate responsibility of determining the framework under which the fund is distributed. Once this is done we will convene a meeting of the National Shop Steward Group with a view to selecting the worker representatives who will sit on the oversight group.
  2. WRC Claims
    The union is involved in ongoing engagement with representatives from the Workplace Relations Commission with a view to having the outstanding cases heard as soon as possible.
  3. Legislative Changes
    Two weeks ago Ministers for State, Damien English and Robert Troy issued a comprehensive document outlining some of the changes they were proposing to existing labour and company law. The full document was forwarded to the National Shop Steward Group at the time it was issued. Since then an ICTU delegation meet with the two Ministers along with representatives from various business bodies in order to seek further clarification on the document. The worker representative side expressed the view that whilst what was being proposed did represent some change, much more needed to be discussed in order to improve matters further. A commitment to ongoing engagement in this regard was given.

National Debenhams (DRIL) Team


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