All Mandate Members – Dunnes, Athlone Irishtown

3rd August 2023

To:   All Mandate Members – Dunnes, Athlone Irishtown
Re:   Gain A Deeper Understanding of Your Union

Dear Union Member,  

I trust this message finds you well. The essence of trade unionism lies in the collective activity of workers to bring about positive changes in their workplaces. Mandate officials and trainers are there to help its members organise this type of collective activity.

Your Union is eager to identify members in the Athlone store interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Union, in becoming more actively involved in the store and the Union itself.

Should you as a member be interested in finding out more about the support, Mandate can provide, please fill out the online expression of interest form below. After that, I we’ll get in touch with you for an informal chat, before you make any decision to get more involved. This may be just attending a union training course, before you decide to become a union activist in your workplace.

Also, this may be an opportunity for you to develop your own skills, that you may find useful in other activities that you may engage in outside of work such as sports organisations, community groups, drama societies etc. I look forward to talking with you.

Yours Sincerely,
Gerard Halligan,

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