All Mandate Members Dunnes Kilnamanagh

15th April 2022

To:   All Mandate Members – Dunnes Kilnamanagh

Re:   Kilnamanagh Store Committee

A chairde,

I am writing to you all to briefly introduce myself. My name is Alexander Homits, I work in the deli department of the store and I am your new Shop Steward.

I believe that trade unions are the only way to bring a level of respect and dignity for all workers. I believe that trade unions are the only way to improve our pay and our conditions – this was best demonstrated when Dunnes Stores gave in to Union pressure for a 10% wage increase.

Right now, I am dealing with multiple issues in the store that your co-workers are experiencing. These range from bullying to hour cutting and unreasonable warnings.

Most of these issues are common to everyone and it is in our interest to be organised and ready to stand up for ourselves.

In order to do that – we must be well organised and express solidarity & support to one another.

To make our union stronger in Kilnamanagh, we must set up a store committee. I am looking for volunteers or nominations of willing and interested individuals. There is no experience needed for this role and training will be provided.

Below are some of the things you can expect while being on the store committee:

  • Distribute information, surveys and leaflets in the store and keep other workers up to date on the activities of the union
  • Report back to the deputy shop steward and shop steward of any arising issues
  • Promote trade union membership among new workers
  • Go to meetings with management with other workers (optional)
  • Roughly 5-7 people from different sections of the store

If our union is strong, then are rights as workers will be protected.

We will be respected by management and some of the tricks that are being pulled will stop.

Our power comes from our ability to come together, support one another and show management that an injury to one, is an injury to all.

If you would like to be a member of the store committee, please contact me.

If you think you know somebody who would be a good fit, please nominate them directly to me.


Alexander Homits
Shop Steward

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