All Mandate Members – Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, Veterinary Unit – Membership Survey Results

26th April 2022

Re:         Membership Survey Results

Dear Mandate Member,

I hope this correspondence finds you well and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all 11 members in the IHRB Veterinary Unit who took the time to complete the recent membership survey. 

Below is a brief synopsis of the results from the survey. 

Q.1.       How would you describe the morale levels within the Veterinary Unit of the IHRB?A.1.       2.2 out of 10. With 7 responses stating that the morale was terrible.

Q.2.       Do you feel that your right to disconnect is ignored by Management?
A.2.       Yes – 6. Sometimes – 3. No – 2.

Q.3.       Do you feel that extra responsibilities, above and beyond your normal roles and responsibilities, are assigned to you and you are expected to complete them without any consultation or consideration for your work life balance?
A.3.       Yes – 8. No – 3.

Q.4.       Has any additional work in your roles been offered to you and allocated evenly and fairly?
A.4.       Yes – 5. No – 5. Skipped Question – 1.

Q.5.       Are you fully aware of and trained on the Grievance Procedures?
A.5.       Yes – 2. No – 9.

Q.6.       Do you feel your Line Manager is fully supportive of the whole Veterinary Team as a unit?
A.6.       Yes – 3. No – 8.

Q.7.       Do you feel that Management implements the current working agreements (Contracts, SOP’s) that are in place?  
A.7.       Yes – 3. No – 8.

Q.8.       Do you feel that you have been restricted from advancing or progressing in your role?
A.8.       Yes – 6. No – 5.

There were a number of additional comments submitted in response to question 9 but in order to protect the anonymity of the survey i am not going to summarise those points in this circular but i will use the contents of same when meeting with the Company.

It is now my intention to write formally to the IHRB Interim Chief Executive Ms. Cliodhna Guy outlining the results of the survey and requesting an urgent meeting with her to discuss same. 

I will keep you updated with regard to this matter. 

Yours fraternally

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser

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