All Mandate Members – Midlands Division

To:              All Mandate Members

Re:              Divisional Responsibility 

From:         Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser, Mandate Trade Union

Date:          20th December 2021

Dear Mandate Member,

Please be advised that your Mandate Divisional Organiser, Ms. Amanda Kane, will be out of the business until further notice.

Therefore the following interim arrangements have been put in place until further notice.

Mr. Michael Meegan, Divisional Organiser will assume responsibility for I.H.R.B, The Curragh Racecourse and H.R.I.

Mr. Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser, will assume responsibility for all other employments in the Midlands Division until further notice.

If you require any assistance or representation please contact Mandate on 018746321 or by emailing your query to .

Yours fraternally,
On Behalf of Mandate

Keith Pollard,
Divisional Organiser