All Mandate Members M&S Drogheda

05th July 2023

Dear M&S Drogheda Member,

I hope this correspondence finds you all safe and well.

Mandate have been informed that the store has now reopened after a monumental effort from all concerned. 

We have further been informed that certain areas of the store have been cordoned off to both staff and customers alike. The Company have given assurances that they are doing everything within their power to rectify these areas as soon as is possible. 

If you have any concerns regarding this matter then please in the first instance bring these concerns to the attention of Store Management. If your concerns still remain after speaking with management then please do not hesitate to contact Mr. James Lacey, Shop Steward, Mr. David Ajayi, Deputy Shop Steward or the undersigned. You can contact me by calling 018746321 or via email

The Company have further committed to keeping your union updated as matters unfold and we in turn will keep you informed of any and all developments. 

Yours fraternally,

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser.   

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