All Mandate Members – Penneys O Connell Street

05th January 2023

Dear Members,

Please be advised the current issues regarding your pre-existing arrangements in relation to access to additional hours and overtime have been raised with management by your Shop Steward, House Committee, and the undersigned on your behalf.

In the absence of any response from store management I have written to the Area Manager outlining that the arrangements that were in place in the O’Connell Street store were to be adhered to and respected by management. The Area Manager responded stating that he had advised his managers to respond.

I subsequently received responses from store management advising that the 2015 National Agreement was the basis for filling additional hours in the manner in which they did. I informed store management that the pre-existing arrangements were outside of the National Agreements and that they were to be adhered to and respected, as the unilateral change would have a detrimental impact on members potential earnings.

I have sought an urgent meeting on this issue, the store manager had informed me that he was unavailable to meet until January 2023 due to the busy trading period.

I again wrote to management to advise that you the members were working under protest and will be processing loss of earnings claims due to the potential losses by you the members in December 2022. I have made it clear to store management that we are not in agreement with the unilateral changes recently implemented, and that I expect to meet with store manager as a matter of urgency. We will keep you informed of any developments on this matter.

I understand this is not a full resolution of the issues at hand, however, I am sure you are aware we must now engage in the company’s grievance procedures.

Kind regards,

Greg Caffrey
Industrial Officer Organiser
Dublin North Division
Mandate Trade Union

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