All Mandate Members SuperValu MOPI

04th August 2021

To:   All Mandate Members – SuperValu MOPI 

Re:   Member Update – Banded Contract Review

Dear Member,

I hope this correspondence finds you and yours safe and well. Mandate would like to take this opportunity to update you with regard to the Annual review of the SuperValu MOPI Banded Contract Review Process. 

In-line with the contents of the 2013 Terms & Conditions National Agreement there is an annual review of the hours worked by our members to ensure that they have a contract that reflects the average number of hours that they actually work. MOPI Head Office have conducted an exercise of comparing the hours actually worked by our members over the past 12 months to ensure that their contracts reflect their average hours. 

The period under review is week ending 26th July 2020 – 18th July 2021. 

Over the next number of weeks your SRM/Store Manager will be in touch with you if your average number of hours is higher than your current banded contract. If your average is higher then you will be offered a banded contract that reflects your average number of hours. For clarity, the current bands in operation within SuperValu MOPI are:

  • 18 – 25
  • 25 – 32
  • 32 – 39

If you believe that your annual average hours are higher than the top point of your current banded contract and you are not offered a new contract before the end of August then you should contact your SRM/Store Manager asking for them to conduct a review of your hours. If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact your Shop Steward or Mandate Trade union Official. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and we will be in contact with you again in the very near future.  

Yours fraternally,
On Behalf of the SuperValu MOPI National Team

Keith Pollard,
Divisional Organiser

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