All Mandate Members SuperValu MOPI

15th July 2021

To:   All Mandate Members – SuperValu MOPI 

Re:   Member Update

Dear Member,

I hope this correspondence finds you and yours safe and well. Mandate would like to take this opportunity to update you on a number of issues for our members in SuperValu MOPI.

2% Pay Increase

As part of the Workplace Relations Commission recommendation dated 20th October 2020, which was accepted by the majority of our members in MOPI by way of secret ballot, there is a further 2% pay increase due to all members from the 31st July 2021. The Company have confirmed to Mandate, that this Pay Increase will be applied to all applicable pay rates. Given the fact that the 31st of July falls on a Saturday, it is not possible for the 2% to be applied during that payroll week. Therefore the 2% increase will be contained in the payroll dated Friday 13th August 2021 with the 2% being applied retrospectively for all hours worked from the 31st July 2021. 

Annual Review of Banded Hours Contracts

Section 7.1 of the 2013 Terms and Conditions of Employment Collective Agreement stipulates that there will be an annual assessment made of members banded contracts to ensure that their contracted hours are accurately reflected in the contract band that they are assigned to. The Company have confirmed that they are at present in the process of commencing the annual review. Mandate will keep you up to date over the coming weeks with regard to the progress of this review.

Membership Survey

As you will be aware, the current Pay & Benefits Agreement in place within SuperValu MOPI, is due to expire on the 31st January 2022. Therefore in order to commence the process of formulating your 2022 Pay & Benefits Claim, Mandate will be conducting an extensive online Membership Survey in September 2021. It is imperative that ALL Mandate Members employed in SuperValu MOPI, avail of this opportunity to complete their Membership Survey and let us know what they would like to form part of the next Pay & Benefits Claim.

Following the completion of the Survey, Mandate will be calling a National Shop Stewards Meeting of all SuperValu MOPI Shop Stewards, so that they can receive a detailed breakdown of the Survey responses and to agree the details of your 2022 Pay & Benefits claim.

Membership Contact Details Updating Exercise

As outlined above we will be conducting an extensive online Membership Survey in September 2021. The link to this survey will be sent via text message to all members, therefore it is essential that we have your correct contact details. If you have received this correspondence via text message, then it is safe to say that we have your correct mobile number but we are requesting that you talk to your fellow Mandate members in-store and if they did not receive this message, that you forward the link onto them so that they can complete their details below. If your Home Address or email address has changed then please update your details in the area provided below and click “Submit”.

Store Structures

In the coming weeks Mandate will be providing an up to date Mandate Store Structure list for their Store. This will include the Name of their Shop Steward, Deputy Shop Steward, House Committee Members and Health & Safety Representative. If there is a vacancy for any of the Mandate positions within your store, this will be highlighted and we will be seeking nominations from the membership in that store to fill these vacancies. Please give some consideration to putting your name forward for any of the vacant positions in your store.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and we will be in contact with you again in the very near future.  

Yours fraternally,
On Behalf of the SuperValu MOPI National Team

Keith Pollard,
Divisional Organiser

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