All Mandate Members – Tesco Balbriggan Update

18th November 2022

Re:       Store Temperature and Break Entitlements 

Dear Member,

Further to our most recent update of the 24th October 2022 with regard to the Temperature in the Store and Break Entitlements, Mandate have received a response from Mr. Gavin Doyle, Store Manager, which is available by clicking here. 

As you can see from the correspondence Mr. Doyle is stating that no members of staff raised any concerns with him or any other member of management with regard to the temperature in the store. I am personally aware that a number of members raised concerns with management but Mr. Doyle is relying on the fact that no member put there concerns in writing to management. I have responded to Mr. Doyle’s correspondence and a copy is available by clicking here.

In an effort to ensure that all matters are addressed without delay and and treated with the upmost importance as stated in Mr. Doyle’s correspondence it is now necessary for any concern that a member may have with regard to their employment be raised in writing with management. 

The undersigned is available to assist any member from the store who wishes to raise any matter with the Company, please do not hesitate to contact me on 018746321 or

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the rules around payment for breaks. Page 25 of of the Tesco Handbook is unequivocally clear with regard to this matter. It states the following:

“The first 15 minutes of your first break during your shift is paid.”

It is imperative that all members check their payslips each week to ensure that they are being paid correctly for all hours worked. If you establish that you have been paid incorrectly then please formally raise this matter in writing with your line manager. If you require any assistance then please do not hesitate to contact your Shop Steward or the undersigned. 

Yours fraternally,

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser.