All Mandate Shop Stewards / Deputy Shop Stewards / House Committee Members – SuperValu MOPI

Re:         Banded Hours Application Window & National MOPI Membership Survey

28th September 2023

Dear Shop Steward / Deputy Shop Steward / House Committee Member

We hope this correspondence finds you safe and well.

As you are aware the current Pay & Benefits Agreement with your employer is due to expire on the 31st January 2024. Therefore, on Monday the 02nd of October, Mandate will be launching our SuperValu MOPI National Membership Survey. It is imperative that you encourage ALL MEMBERS in your store to have their say by completing the survey.

A number of weeks ago we commenced a contact detail update exercise in each store location. If you have any completed contact cards then please send them back to us, in the prepaid envelope provided, so we can update our membership system with the details which will ensure that the survey reaches as many members as possible. If any member does not receive a text message on Monday with the Survey then please feel free to send the link onto them. 

Furthermore you will recall as part of the February 2022 Pay & Benefits Agreement with SuperValu MOPI there were a number of changes made to the 2013 Banded Contract Agreement, especially with regard to the application process to move to a higher band. 

The February 2022 Agreement also introduced new Bands into the majority of stores and they are as follows:

Band 1 15 – 20 Hours
Band 2 20 – 25 Hours
Band 3 25 – 30 Hours
Band 4 30 – 35 Hours
Band 5 35 – 39 Hours

As per the agreement the assimilation onto the new Bands took place in July 2022. As per the agreement the application for a higher band would now move to twice a year, March & October but the onus is now on the member to apply for a higher band, if they meet the criteria. 

The next Two Week Application Window will open on Monday 02nd of October 2023 and will remain open until Monday 16th of October 2023. In order to assist members in the application process, Mandate have developed a new “Banded Hours Application Pack” for all members. This pack contains the following pertinent documentation and copies of each document are available by clicking on the links below:

Mandate will print copies of the above documents, package them into individual packs and post them to All Shop Stewards in MOPI tomorrow. This will be followed on Monday 02nd of October 2023 with an update to all members with regard to this matter. We will inform all members that copies of the packs are available from their Store Shop Steward commencing Monday 02nd of October 2023. All of the above documents are also available from your Store’s SRM. 

If you have any questions or queries with regard to this correspondence, the Membership Survey or the application process please do not hesitate to contact your relevant Mandate Trade Union Official or a member of the National SuperValu MOPI Team.  

Yours fraternally
On Behalf of the Mandate MOPI National Team

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser