All Mandate Shop Stewards / Local Council Activists – North Eastern, Midlands, Dublin North and Dublin South & Wicklow Divisions

RE:     Joint Inter Divisional Local Council Training/Information Session

11th May 2022

Dear Shop Steward/Activist,

Further to Monday nights extremely well attended Inter Divisional Local Council meeting we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who managed to join the meeting for their attendance and positive engagement. To all other members we hope to see you in attendance at the next meeting.

It was agreed that we would circulate a copy of the feedback given by the members in attendance when they were asked what measures would you take to make local council meetings more relevant and interesting. Please click here to view same. 

Furthermore after the presentation given to the Local Council it was agreed that we would circulate the full interim report from Conor McCabe with regard to the research that he has been commissioned to carry out on behalf of Mandate. Please click here to view the interim report in full. 

It was also agreed last night and is evident from the feedback that we received, that the members in attendance recommended shorter more frequent inter divisional meetings with member led issues on the agenda. To this end we are scheduling the next inter divisional meeting to take place on Monday 13th June 2022.

We are placing one item on the agenda for the meeting and that will be the motions passed at conference and how we can build campaigns at a Local Council Level around same. We are also asking you as to what you would like to see on the agenda for the meeting. If you have any agenda item suggestions please email them to Anne Marie Murnane, . Obviously, we will not be able to place all items on the agenda as this would run contrary to the “Shorter more frequent Meetings” feedback that we have received but we will put all idea’s to the wider meeting for the members to prioritise. 

Once again thank you all for your attendance last night and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting on the 13th June 2022. 

Yours fraternally

Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser, North Eastern Division
Robert McNamara, Divisional Organiser, Dublin North Division
Michael Meegan, Divisional Organiser, Dublin South Wicklow Division

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