All Marks & Spencer Members

To:        All Mandate Members
              Marks & Spencer

Re:        Update on National Shop Stewards Meeting

4 February 2022

Dear Members,

A Marks and Spencer national Shop Stewards meeting was held on the 2nd February 2022. Please see the correspondence from the Union to the Company’s HR department in relation to the matters raised at the meeting including a Pay and Benefits claim (Click Here), the contents of which are self -explanatory.

The issue of the unilateral change of the Discount Card Policy will be raised at a national level but members should raise the matter with their shop steward, their line manager or local union official (for local office details click here). The union will support members in raising this issue instore, collective grievances by members can be lodged in each store.

Members who provided private email addresses to the Company based on the Company’s commitment that its sole purpose would be to process digitised/PDF pay slips only, but who are now receiving emails related to other matters from management, have the right to request that the additional email contact ceases. Members have data protection rights in relation to this issue and should email HR stating that they only consent to their email address being used for receipt of their digitised/PDF pay slips only.

Yours fraternally,

Marks and Spencer Negotiating Team