Argos – National Negotiating Committee

To: Mandate Members – Argos National Negotiating Committee

Re: Meeting with Company – Friday 21st January

Date: 19th January 2022

Dear Member,

Further to our Argos Shop Steward’s meeting on Monday 17th January 2022, we wish to advise that the company has been advised of the names of the newly elected negotiating committee.

As you are aware, our first meeting with the company, in relation to pay, commences on Friday 21st January at 1:00pm. Accordingly, the company will release the negotiating team with pay for the duration of the meeting.

The company has also agreed to paid release for the team, thirty minutes in advance of the company / union meeting – (12:30pm), to facilitate a preparatory meeting and in this regard a Zoom link is provided HERE.

The meeting with the company at 1:00pm will be on Microsoft Teams which will be a separate link provided by the company.

For clarity, our Mandate team meeting will commence at 12:30pm on Zoom and the union / company discussions will commence at 1:00pm on MS Teams.

Yours sincerely,
For Mandate Trade Union,
Michael Meegan, Divisional Organiser
Caroline Clifford, Industrial Officer
John O’Donnell, Industrial Officer Organiser

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