Argos – Update

To: All Mandate Members – Argos

Re: Argos Update on Meeting with Company.

Date: Tuesday 19th October 2021

Dear Member,

The National Negotiating Team met with Argos Management virtually today, the Company informed us of the following:

Christmas Bonus: The Company as per our Collective Agreement clause will pay a 70% Christmas Bonus to Staff this year.

Pension: The Company Pension Scheme is being replaced with a Defined Contribution Scheme, which will be advertised in stores for Staff to consider joining.
For a small number of Staff in the current pension, who have the option of their spouse receiving a pension, a decision on this option is going before the Group Pension Board and an outcome on this is expected later this week.

If you have any questions on these issues please contact your local Union Official.

Remember to encourage non-members to join at

Yours fraternally

Argos National Team

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