BDC 2022 Delegates – Mid Western Division

To:             BDC 2022 Delegates 

Re:             Delegates Meeting

From:         Karen Wall, Divisional Organiser
                  Caroline Clifford, Industrial Officer

Date:         21st March 2022

Dear Delegate,

A meeting of Delegates will take place as follows;

DATE:              Monday 28th March 2022
TIME:              7:00pm
VENUE:           via Zoom – link here 

The purpose of the meeting is to;

•  Consider Nominations for various positions and go through the final Agenda regarding Motions and Rule Changes for Conference 2022.

Delegates should have received the Agenda, Report and Financial Statements by post.  It is essential that all Delegates familiarise themselves with the Conference Agenda in advance of this meeting

Yours fraternally,

Karen Wall,
Divisional Organiser.
Caroline Clifford,
Industrial Officer.

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