Boots Member Update (North Eastern Division)

To:      All Mandate Members
           Boots Ireland

Re:      WBA / Boots Update

13th January 2022

Dear Member

Further to Mandate correspondence to Boots on the 10th December 2021, regarding press/media reports of Walgreens Boots Alliance considering selling the Boots Company, I wish to inform you that the Company’s senior management have confirmed with Mandate on the 12th January 2022 that Walgreens Boots Alliance has announced that it is exploring strategic options for the Boots business.  The Union has been advised that “the process is at a very early stage” and “it is very much business as usual”. The Union understands that the Company is in good health and are considering options to support it’s long-term plan.

In addition to the above, Mandate will be reaching out to all our members by way of a survey in the coming weeks in advance of our national negotiations which are due to commence prior to April 2022. It is important that all Boots workers participate in this survey and use the opportunity to inform Mandate representatives prior to engaging with the Company in advance of national negotiations.

The survey will also be used to inform a national meeting of Shop Stewards from across the stores in early February 2022, the purpose of which will be to determine our priorities for the upcoming talks on pay and benefits. If you don’t have a Shop Steward in your location and you wish to become involved in the Union locally, our colleagues across our regional offices would be only too delighted to speak to you and inform you about the various ways, you can participate in the Union in your store location.

You can contact the Mandate Dublin Office for the North Eastern Division on: 01-8746321 and 01-8870719 or by email to:

Should there be any further developments, we will keep you informed.

Yours fraternally
The Boots Mandate National Team