Clarks Members Update

DATE:    16th July 2021

FROM:    Mandate

TO:         Mandate Members in Clarks

RE:          Update On Recent Company Rebase Communication

Dear Member

Company Announcement 14th July 2021
Further to the company’s communication on Wednesday the 14th of July, please find below a copy of the correspondence sent to Jennie Lockwood, People Experience Partner – UK & ROI on the 15th of July 2021 which sets out Mandate’s position.

Time to get organised in Clarks
We continue to see large numbers of new members join the union from Clarks. The last few months have shown how important it is for our members to be well organised and to have a voice at work, please continue to encourage your colleagues to join the union. You can share the following link with them

Yours fraternally
On Behalf of Mandate

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer

By Email Only                                                                                              15th July 2021

Ms. Jennie Lockwood
People Experience Partner – UK & ROI

Re: Rebase Communication 14th July 2021

Dear Ms. Lockwood

Firstly by way of introductions, my name is Eoin Griffin and I am the Industrial Officer for the Dublin North Division of Mandate Trade Union. I am aware that the company normally correspond and engage with my colleague Mandy Kane, who is currently on annual leave.

Regarding the aforementioned correspondence of the 14th of July 2021 received by our members in Clarks I must make you aware of the high levels of upset, uncertainty and stress that this correspondence has caused for our members. Not only have they had to deal with the initial shock at the company’s unexpected announcement on the 10th of June, they now have to deal with the company’s pausing of the process. Many members had already attended two consultations meetings and their third, and potentially final consultation meeting had been scheduled.

We are completely aware of the difficult and uncertain trading environment, however it must be said that any and all sales are driven by Clarks employees, our members through excellent customer service. The suggestion that the process will be “paused” until the 27th of September could be interpreted as being opportunistic, as it means our members will be employed over the course of Clarks busiest trading period, “Return to School”, uncertain if the process will restart at all or what the future holds.

The undersigned will never argue for any member’s employment to be terminated by reason of redundancy, however in circumstances where the company have taken such business decisions it would seem incumbent on them to offer our members more certainty and explanation. At no stage was it communicated that this was a possibility.

We are seeking an immediate meeting with the company so that recent developments can be discussed.

I trust the above is in order.

Yours sincerely

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer

CC Katie Stoodley Clarks
All Members in Clarks