Counterpoint Ireland Membership Update

DATE:      03rd February 2021

TO:          All Mandate Members, Counterpoint Ireland.

FROM:    Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser 

RE:          Membership Update

Dear Member

As you are aware Mandate wrote to Mr. Kevin Donnelly, Managing Director Britvic Ireland by way of correspondence dated 27th January 2021. As a result of our correspondence a meeting took place today with Mr. Donnelly and Ms. Sian Young, Head of HR, Britvic.

It was outlined in great detail by the undersigned and your Shop Stewards, Larry Murphy and Tom Breen that the lack of certainty and communication from the Company were having serious impacts on the mental well being of the members leading to increased levels of stress, anxiety and concern. 

Mr. Donnelly accepted and acknowledged this fact and gave assurances that the Company were endeavoring to finalise the strategic review of Counterpoint at the earliest opportunity and he will provide an update by no later than the 18th of February 2021. Mr. Donnelly outlined that neither he nor the Britvic PLC Board were going to make any knee jerk decisions with regard to the Counterpoint Strategic review and that they were in the process of exploring every opportunity open to them. 

Mr. Donnelly gave his ongoing commitment to the current 4 day week and a further commitment that the Company would arrive at the right solution for the long term and that he will report back with clarity for all members. Mr. Donnelly stressed that as a result of the strategic review there would be fundamental changes, but could not go into any detail as the decisions were yet to be made.

At your Unions request Mr. Donnelly committed to engaging with Mandate in regard to any possible changes for our members and gave assurances that the line of communication between parties would remain open.

All members will be kept up to date with any and all developments.  

Kind regards

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser


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