daa – Terminal 2 Members

To:      All Mandate Membersdaa Terminal T2

Re:      Nominated Shop Stewards & House Committee

29th November 2021

Dear Member,

Please be advised that following the recent nominations process for the Shop Steward(s)/House Committee positions, please see below the outcome under the respective headings;

Shop Steward T2

We received 2 valid nominations for the position Ken McCabe and Linda Turnbull, accordingly following the count Linda Turnbull is duly elected to the position of Shop Steward.

Deputy Shop Steward T2

We received 3 valid nominations for the position Jason Nolan, Miriam O’Connor and Maura Worthington, accordingly following the count Maura Worthington, is duly elected to the position of Deputy Shop Steward.

House Committee

Having received 6 valid nomination for 4 positions the following 3 members have been duly elected to the House Committee:

  • Farrelly, Sarah
  • Mc Fadden, Tracey
  • Gregorczyk, Magdelana

Three candidates, Lisa Armstrong, Gary Lynch and Washington Melo are tied for the final place on the on the House Committee therefore there will be a runoff election for this final place. Details for this election will be sent via post.

We take this opportunity to thank the above members and would appreciate it if all members could give the above your full co-operation and support as they carry out their respective roles. Finally we would like to thank Ken McCabe for his service to the Union of the last number of years, which has been invaluable in furthering the interests of the members.

Yours Fraternally,

Robert McNamara
Divisional Organiser