Debenhams Advisory Committee Update

To: All Debenhams Ex Workers

24 May 2022

The Debenhams Advisory Committee met on 19th May 2022, at which the following was discussed:

  • We were informed that a number of one-to-one briefings took place in various locations.  444 ex-Debenhams workers were invited to these briefings and 134 ex-Debenhams workers attended.
  • 485 ex-Debenhams workers have registered for the fund, which SOLAS are actively working through to ensure they receive their proper entitlement from the fund.
  • It was stated that several ex-Debenhams workers have chosen evening courses which will start in September.

Next steps:

  • SOLAS will contact those ex-Debenhams workers that are registered regarding one-to-one meetings with them.
  • SOLAS will continue to support the ex-Debenhams workers with updated Q&A’s and will answer any queries from ex-Debenhams workers.


800 plus workers lost their employment and to-date only 485 have registered with SOLAS to avail of their entitlements under the €3million fund that was hard fought for.  Ex-Debenhams workers are urged to avail of their entitlements from the Debenhams Fund.

Further information regarding the fund can found at:

Please contact SOLAS to registered for your entitlement from this fund as soon as possible at: