Debenhams Member Update


RE: Update

25 November 2020

Dear Members,

Following certain activities in both the Tralee and Limerick store please see below the content of emails sent by the union to KPMG today.



Good afternoon I hope you are keeping well

We are receiving reports about some overnight activity at the ex Debenhams stores in Tralee and Limerick. Certain groups and individuals are this morning claiming that these latest developments have been initiated by KPMG. As you would expect we are now receiving requests from media and other sources for comment however before we do this we need to make sure of the facts. It is also important that we get a full understanding of what is happening so that we can be accurate in our communications with the Department of An Taoiseach who following a meeting last week have committed to come back to us this week with a proposal/initiative in an effort to bring the current dispute to an end. So I would be obliged if you could revert as a matter of urgency and let me know whether KPMG were in involved in last nights’ activities.






Further to my email below I am now led to believe that certain individuals who attended at the Tralee store in the early hours of this morning introduced themselves as being representatives of KPMG. I also note during the course of the day that numerous sources have gone on the record claiming that KPMG were indeed involved in the actions that took place at both the Tralee and Limerick stores. Indeed this claim was also made directly to An Taoiseach on the floor of the Dail today by at least two deputies. Given the lack of a response to my earlier email and that there has been no denial of the many assertions made during the day I can only assume that the personnel that attended at  both the Tralee and Limerick stores were acting  under the instruction of KPMG. If this is the case I believe such actions are totally unacceptable and show a blatant disregard to the current Level 5 restrictions that are currently in place. You will recall that we previously wrote regarding this issue and we specifically requested that you desist from sending any personnel under your control to the various store locations whilst the current public health restrictions were in place. Furthermore, it is hard to understand why KPMG would sanction such actions at a time when An Taoiseach has directly intervened in an effort to bring the current dispute to an end. I am sure many will view your recent behaviour as being disrespectful not only to our long suffering members on the picket lines but also to the initiative that An Taoiseach is trying to advance. In order to ensure that you don’t compound matters further I would urge you to consider the comments made by An Taoiseach in the Dail today where he asked all parties to back off in order to allow him progress his initiative. Surely an institution with the reputation of KPMG cannot and will not wilfully disregard the explicit wishes of An Taoiseach and we would ask that you confirm by return that you are indeed prepared to comply with his reasonable request.




If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact you divisional office.

Yours fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union

Gerry Light
General Secretary