Debenhams Shop Stewards

31 March 2021

Dear Colleague,

Please see below email sent to KPMG this morning for your information.

Yours fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union

Gerry Light
General Secretary


From: Gerry Light
Sent: 31 March 2021 10:27
To: O’Leary, Andrew
Subject: Debenhams Stock Clear Out & Personal Belongings

Andrew, morning

I am receiving increasing reports of activities in a number of ex Debenhams stores aimed at the removal of stock. As you are aware I wrote previously requesting that KPMG or any of its agents desist from this type activity on the basis that it was clearly in contravention of existing Covid-19 regulations in that it could not be considered to be essential work. Furthermore, it is somewhat unfortunate to say the least that a decision has been made to increase these activities in the week when the national Shop Steward group are planning to meet with representatives from Solas and the Department of Education to further discuss the €3m fund that has been made available by the Taoiseach and his government, in fact this meeting is planned for tomorrow.

I also wrote previously with regard to personal belongings and data requesting that a representative from KPMG attend a national Shop Stewards meeting to outline how this important material was going to be handled. You indicated that you would take this matter under consideration and revert however we are still awaiting a response in this regard. Again I point out that the Shop Stewards will be gathered tomorrow so if you wish to address them at an agreed time that invitation remains open.


Gerry Light
General Secretary
Mandate Trade Union

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