Debenhams Update 7 April 2021

7 April 2021

RE: Debenhams – 1 Year On

Dear Member,

On Friday 9th April 2021 it will be a full calendar year since news of Debenhams liquidation surfaced and the company closed its doors. As you would expect, we have been working diligently with media to attempt to put this long running dispute back onto their news agenda (Page 4 of today’s Irish Times refers). A previous request by shop stewards to provide monies for refreshments at the pickets on Friday will be actioned today into the bank accounts of the designated shop stewards who previously received monies on behalf of their respective location. This accreditation will be applied on a pro-rata basis based on the numbers of official Mandate pickets at each location which were supplied by a representative of the shop steward group. If there is a requirement for any additional monies at any location please retain receipts and we will reimburse you as soon as possible.  

Everyone should be fully aware that Level 5 government restrictions including the 5k travel ban will not be lifted by Friday 9th April 2021. Therefore, it is vitally important that all official pickets adhere to the government guidelines until such times as these protective health restrictions are relaxed. Please continue to wear masks, socially distance and do not have large gatherings at any one time of the day.

A press release will issue to all media on Friday to coincide with the date that Debenhams announced liquidation in 2020 and the continuing struggle and pursuit for justice for all Ex-Debenhams members.    

In Solidarity
For Mandate Trade Union


Brian Forbes
National Coordinator

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