Delegates to BDC 2022 – North & West Division

To: Delegates to Conference from N&W

From: Eoin Griffin , Division Organiser

Re: WhatsApp Group for Conference

Date: 3rd April 2022

Dear Delegate

As per the pre-delegate meeting last week it was agreed that a WhatsApp Group specifically for Conference would be set up. The group will be shut down in the days following conference. Joining the group is purely voluntary and at the discretion of each member.

The Aims and Terms of Reference for Mandate WhatsApp Groups can be viewed here. Please familiarise yourself with same prior to joining the group.

If you wish to join the group please follow the link below.
Join WhatsApp Group

For those of you travelling to conference today please travel safe and I look forward to seeing you all in Breaffy House over the coming days.

Yours fraternally

Eoin Griffin
Divisional Organiser

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