Dunnes Cornelscourt Members

19th October 2023

Dear Member,

Your Union Official, Ken Reilly will be in the Cornelscourt Area this afternoon from 3pm to 5pm if you would like to meet with him to discuss the Pay Claim and complete a pledge card. Please contact Maria Nolan on 087 388 4178 and she can arrange for me to meet with you today.

The following items are the main components to form your Pay & Benefits 2023 Claim:

  1. Fair Pay Increase – 1. 75 per hour pay increase for ALL Dunnes Workers
  2. Additional Annual Leave for all Dunnes Workers
  3. Sick Pay – Longer paid sick leave for enhanced worker protection.
  4. Full-time jobs & Extra Hours – Opportunity for full-time contracts and extra hours for existing staff before hiring new workers.
  5. Fair scheduling for a better work/life balance-4 weeks’ notice of rosters
  6. Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave – Paid Maternity and paternity leave with flexible options for parental/parents leave

Please see below a short video of two Dunnes members explaining the current Pay & Benefits Claim for 2023 along with a short synopsis of the claim. 

It is only through support from Members that we will be able to achieve the above terms, so please take time to meet with me and complete a pledge card.

Yours fraternally,
For Mandate Trade Union,

Ken Reilly
Industrial Officer.

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