Dunnes Cranmore – Member Update Store Petition

To:  All Mandate Members in Dunnes Cranmore

18th August 2023

From: Gerard Halligan, Mandate Organiser

Re: Store Petition – Store Survey Concerns

As per our previous update, we wrote to Dunnes Head Office on the 26th of July, to bring forth the concerns raised in our recent survey. Unfortunately, despite the seriousness of the issues outlined, this letter remains unaddressed. Given the lack of response, the Mandate House Committee for your store has decided on a more direct approach to voice our collective feelings and demand action.  

A petition has now been drafted, underscoring the persistent workplace issues which are negatively impacting the well-being and morale in the store. This petition has been drafted after consultation with your House Committee and highlights the pressing need for intervention. It is essential that as many staff members as possible stand united by adding their signatures, to amplify your collective voice.  

Your Union House Committee members have the petition ready for your signature. If you wish to support, please reach out to them at your earliest convenience.  

Your support and solidarity in these matters is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

See copy of the petition below.


Dear Mr. Dolan,

We, the undersigned employees of Dunnes Stores Sligo Cranmore, wish to bring to your attention our collective concerns about persistent workplace issues that are adversely affecting our well-being, morale, and the overall work environment.

Key Concerns:

1. Management Behaviour: Many staff members have expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment they receive from management.

2.Staffing Shortages: The absence of adequate staffing levels, especially during peak times, has put unnecessary pressure on the workforce, leading to fatigue and undue stress.

3.Distribution of Workload: There is a perceived unequal distribution of tasks, with some staff members feeling consistently overburdened.

4.Issues with Sick Leave: Reports of inappropriate questioning and handling of staff members phoning in sick have caused distress among the staff.

5. General Morale and Well-being: The culmination of these issues has led to a decline in overall morale and the well-being of staff members.

We respectfully request that you take our collective voice into consideration and take the necessary steps to resolve the aforementioned issues.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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