Dunnes Cranmore – Member Update Store Survey Concerns

To:  All Staff in Dunnes Cranmore

28th July 2023

From: Gerard Halligan, Organiser, 087 3674257 ghalligan@mandate.ie

Re: Follow-up Letter to Head Office – Store Survey Concerns

As your aware a letter was sent to your Store Manager dated the 28th of June, outlining concerns highlighted in the recent survey. As this letter remains unanswered the Mandate House Committee for your store agreed that the matter should now be referred to Dunnes Head office.  

The follow-up letter that we’ve sent not only reiterates our previous concerns but also reflects the urgency needed to rectify the issues affecting the well-being and morale of the workforce.

See copy of letter below.


Head of Human Resources
Dunnes Stores HR Department
Dunnes Stores Head Office
46-50 South Great Georges Street
Dublin 2 

26th July 2023 


RE: Our letter dated 28th June 2023 – Mr. Peter Dolan 

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am writing in reference to our unanswered correspondence dated the 28th June 2023, directed towards Mr Peter Dolan, Store Manager at Dunnes Stores Cranmore Sligo. For your convenience, a copy of the said correspondence is enclosed.

The concerns relayed encompass a range of issues within the store, notably the management’s behaviour and the staffing shortages, which are significantly impacting the well-being and morale of the workforce.

Dunnes Stores must immediately act to address these concerns and fulfil its duty of care towards its employees. The absence of an adequate response fuels a rising sense of dissatisfaction and frustration among the staff at the Cranmore store.

We respectfully request that these matters are given urgent attention, to ensure employees’ safety health and welfare at work is not compromised.  

Yours Sincerely,  
John Carty
Divisional Organiser 

CC. Staff in Dunnes Cranmore


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