Dunnes Drogheda West Street- Member Update

23rd July 2021

To:  All Members Dunnes Drogheda West Street

From: Gerard Halligan, Organiser, 087 3674257 ghalligan@mandate.ie

Re: Letter to Store Manager

Further to the general meeting for your store it was agreed that the concerns raised by staff in the recent survey be made known to the Store manager, Martin White, by way of a letter from the Union requesting that he address these issues as a matter of urgency. Please see letter below which was sent to Martin on the 22nd of July.


By Registered Post

Mr Martin White
Store Manager
Dunnes Stores
4 West Street
Downtown Drogheda
Co Louth.

22nd July 2021

Re:        Dunnes West Street – Member Issues 

Dear Mr. White

Please be advised that Mandate Trade union have been contacted by a number of our members from your store, expressing concern with regard to a range of serious issues concerning their employment.

In an effort to ascertain the full extent of the issues concerning our members and their colleagues, Mandate conducted a survey open to all sales assistants in the store.

The following are the main issues that were raised in response to the survey:

  • In-store overcrowding with no adequate queueing system in place to deal with customer access and egress.
  • The removal of the bench and coat hangers from the locker room.   
  • Staffing levels are not sufficient to cope with the workload and to enforce Health & Safety in-store during the present COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Management are not approachable and appear to be more focused on sales targets rather than the welfare of their staff. It has been reported to us that this is leading to an increase in stress and anxiety for our members at a time when there are already high levels of stress and anxiety due to COVID-19. Over 70% of respondents stated that they believe local management are not treating every member of staff with the dignity and respect that they deserve.
  • Staff morale is at an all-time low and subsequent stress levels experienced by many staff have increased over recent months.  There is significant pressure already on essential front line workers and the ongoing aggressive management behaviour within the store is exacerbating stress levels and creating huge anxiety amongst staff.

Given the serious nature of the issues outlined above, Mandate are requesting that you carry out an immediate review of the COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols in operation within the store, with particular emphasis being placed upon addressing the concerns raised above.

Furthermore, the removal of the bench and coat hangers from the locker room due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 in our member’s opinion is an example of Local Management clearly not focusing on the pertinent COVID-19 issues at hand, such as safe customer access and egress from the store and our members are calling for the facilities outlined to be reintroduced to the locker room.

An early response with regard to the above would be greatly appreciated so that I can update all our members with same. Unfortunately if no response is forthcoming the undersigned will be left with no alternative but to progress these matter further to Head Office.

Yours Sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser

CC. Mandate Members Dunnes West Street


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