Dunnes Stores – Crumlin

To: All Mandate Members – Dunnes Stores, Crumlin

Re: Workplace Issues.

Date: 30th July 2021

Dear Member,

Please see copy of correspondence sent to Mr. Denis Lyons, Store Manager, in the above regard for your information.

Yours fraternally,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

Mr. Denis Lyons
Store Manager
Dunnes Stores
Crumlin Shopping Centre
Crumlin Road
Dublin 12.

30th July 2021


By Registered Post:

Re: Dunnes Stores, Crumlin – Workplace Issues.

Dear Mr. Lyons,

Further to representations from a number of our Members in your store, I am led to believe there have been a number of issues raised informally in the store, but nothing has been done to address these matters.

The first issue is Dignity and Respect in the workplace is not being adhered to by a Member of your Management Team. It would appear that several Members have spoken to you with regards to how they are spoken to by a Member of the Management Team and while you appear to acknowledge these grievances, nothing is being done to address these complaints.

The second issue that has been raised with me is regarding Health and Safety. Members have advised that currently there is no hand sanitizer available to Staff in the store and understandably Members have concerns regarding their health and safety in the workplace.

Once again, this has been raised with the Assistant Manager in the store along with the lack of crowd control in the store but nothing has been done to reassure our Members that these matters are being dealt with.

Please be advised that Mandate takes the Health and Safety of our Members with the utmost seriousness and we trust that as a Manager of this store you ensure that these issues are dealt with immediately.

Trusting that these issues will be dealt with in the serious manner that they warrant without further delay.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

Cc: Ms. Marie Conway, Regional Manager, Dunnes Stores, Head Office (By Reg Post)

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