Dunnes Stores – Crumlin

To: All Mandate Members – Dunnes Stores, Crumlin

Re: CCTV Monitoring In-store

Date: 23rd July 2021

Dear Member,

Please see copy of correspondence sent to Mr. Denis Lyons, Store Manager, in the above regard for your information.

Yours fraternally,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

Mr. Denis Lyons
Store Manager
Dunnes Stores
Crumlin Shopping Centre
Crumlin Road
Dublin 12.

22nd July 2021


By Registered Post:

Re: CCTV Monitoring In-store

Dear Mr. Lyons,

Further to representations made to me by Members in Dunnes Stores, Crumlin Shopping Centre, it has been brought to my attention that Staff are being monitored by CCTV while going about their daily duties.

It is outlined in the Dunnes Stores Handbook “that all Stores use CCTV throughout the Store and relevant areas to identify cash and stock loss… It is also used for health and safety reasons” (pg. 23).

However, nowhere does it outline that Staff will be observed as they come and go about their work.

As I am sure you are aware, it is the duty of the Employer to make clear the purpose of CCTV Footage, as it infringes on the privacy of the persons captured. This purpose should be displayed in a prominent position so that it can be observed by both Employees and the Public.

Should the practice of surveilling Staff continue in this store in this manner, they will be advised to make a formal complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner.

I trust that this behavior will cease immediately and no further action will be required on behalf of our Members in your store.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

Cc: Ms. Marie Conway, Regional Manager, Dunnes Stores, Head Office (By Reg Post)

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