Dunnes Stores – Longford

To:          All Mandate Members in Dunnes Stores, Longford.

Re:          Rosters & Additional Hours

Date:     20th July 2023

Dear Mandate Member,

Please see below correspondence which was sent by Registered & Ordinary Post to Ms. Catherine Roynane, Store Manager and Ms. Pearl Keltley, Store Manager regarding Rosters and Additional Hours.

If you have any further questions with regard to this correspondence, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned at 01-874 6321 or by email to mkane@mandate.ie

Yours fraternally,

Amanda Kane
Divisional Organiser

Ms. Catherine Roynane & Ms. Pearl Keltley
Store Manager
Dunnes Stores
Dublin Road
Co. Longford
N39 FK23

18th July 2023

By Registered & Ordinary Post:

Dear Ms. Roynane & Ms. Keltley,

Resulting from several calls to Mandate Head Office from concerned members, a general meeting of Mandate members was called to discuss the issue raised, these were as follows. 


Concern was raised in relation to changes being made to rosters without the consent or agreement of those impacted.  As I understand it, our members are notified of their roster on the Staff Noticeboard. This is the roster that they are instructed to go by and use.  However, what appears to be a regular occurrence is staff are informed by another member of staff, who does not appear to be Management, that they roster has changed digitally. This as you are aware should not be permissible as the rosters are put up four weeks in advance.  It is important that rosters are not changed without the consent and agreement of staff.    

Additional Hours:   

A number of concerns were raised in relation to the distribution of additional hours.  It would appear there is an imbalance in how and who receives hours in excess of their bands of hours or average hours.  It is widely believed that the same staff are benefitting from additional hours.  This is unfair to those who are seeking additional hours, especially at a time when extra income is so important, given the cost of living at the moment, what with increases in mortgages, rents etc.  I am aware that this matter has been raised with Management on a number of occasions to no avail.   

In addition to this, extra hours benefit those who may wish to improve their band of hours, as the hours are calculated over a period of twelve months. It is important that additional hours are distributed on a fair and equitable bases. This also helps to keep a harmonious workforce and improves moral.             

Lastly, our members have raised concerns that matters of personal nature are being discussed on the shop floor, for example, illness – their condition being discussed.  This absolutely should not be happening as it is clearly a breach of confidence and data.  It would be very much appreciated if you would bring this to the attention of your Management Team.   

It would also be greatly appreciated if you would ensure that the above concerns are given your immediate attention.   

Your sincerely, 

Divisional Organiser

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