Dunnes Stores Member Update

To:       All Mandate MembersDunnes Stores

Re:       Update on Pay and Benefits Claim

22 December 2022

Dear Member

Following a sustained campaign during 2022 the Company have now recognised the merits of our pay claim and have awarded an 8% pay increase along with an uplift to €1500 in the staff discount scheme. This is a very welcome development for our members at a time when they are struggling to meet the rising cost of living such as fuel, food and rent.

However, as you know there are other key elements to the claim which have not been addressed including the creation of full-time jobs and access to additional hours, equalisation of pay scales, improvements to the sick pay scheme, paid maternity, and paternity leave. There are multiple pay scales in Dunnes Stores where some workers are on higher wages than others for doing the exact same job and we want to equalise the pay and benefits for all Dunnes workers. This means, we want the pay scales harmonised to provide access for all Dunnes workers to the highest point of the existing pay scales.  Importantly, our members continue to seek the right to representation by their union and this remains a major element of the claim.

Mandate continues to be committed to pursuing this claim, but we can only do so with the full support and buy-in from all Dunnes workers to achieve that objective. The Dunnes National committee (DNC) made up of your colleagues and Mandate staff cannot do this alone, our success is very much dependent on your participation. Moreover, the organisation and growth in membership in every store is crucial in determining how we move forward with the campaign in 2023. While we have achieved the pay increase and improved the staff discount this year, clearly there is more to be done and to that end the Dunnes Stores National Committee will be meeting in the New Year to assess and review the campaign.

In the meantime, when your colleagues are discussing the recent pay increases, please be sure to remind them that without the union campaign and public awareness, the level of improvement to your conditions of employment would not be achieved. Our success to date demonstrates the value of being a member of the union and part of the collective. Encourage your colleagues to join the union to increase and grow our collective strength and influence on their pay and terms & conditions of employment. Click here to Join Mandate

Finally, on behalf of the Dunnes National Committee and Mandate Trade Union we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year 2023.

Yours fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union

Lorraine O’Brien
National Coordinator

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