Dunnes Stores Sligo Cranmore – Covid 19 Protocols

15th March 2021

To:  All Members Dunnes Stores Sligo Cranmore

From: Gerard Halligan, Organiser

087 3674257 Ghalligan@mandate.ie

Re: Covid 19 Protocols in Store

Your Shop Steward and other members of staff have approached Store Management to improve Covid 19 measures within your store.

Below please find copy of letter given to Peter Dolan.


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3rd March 2021

Peter Dolan

Dunnes Stores Sligo Cranmore  

Dear Peter,

Given the current climate with a third new strain of the virus being detected and Ireland now No.1 globally with cases per capita, we the staff of Dunnes Stores Sligo Cranmore call on Dunnes store management to immediately address the following urgent Health and Safety concerns around reducing the risk and transmission of Covid-19.

  1. Reduce customer admittance quotas to levels allowed at the beginning of the Pandemic. The current numbers being allowed in store at the moment is not allowing for safe social distancing and floor staff no longer feel safe working in aisles because of long queues for the checkouts. If customer numbers are not controlled, staff may need to leave overcrowded aisles to work in safer areas.
  2. Ensure the entrance to the store is manned by security or management at all times during trading hours.
  3. Management to actively inform customers to maintain 2 meters social distancing while in the store.
  4. Encourage all staff the opportunity to wash their hands at regular scheduled intervals as was implemented during the first lockdown 2020, even during busy periods.
  5. Reinstate the regular cleaning of baskets, trollies, doorhandles and checkouts as implemented in first lockdown 2020.

We look forward to your immediate consideration and implementation of the items listed above for the protection of the staff and customers.


Patrick Mc Cartney

Shop Steward.

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