Eason Pay & Benefits Claim

To:          All Mandate – Eason

Re:         Pay and Benefits Claim

22 September 2021

Dear Colleague,

Following extensive negotiations, over a number of weeks, your negotiating team who are made up of Shop Stewards and Mandate Officials, have finalised proposals with your employer Eason Limited on Pay & Benefits.

Pay Proposal
We have secured a proposal which will ensure that all staff will receive a 1.5% from September 1st 2021 with members on the lower points of Scale 3 receiving 3.9%.

In addition another 1.5% will apply from December 1st 2022, with members on the lower points of Scale 3 receiving 2.4%. See link to the proposal in full below for full details.

Once off Recognition Payment
In recognition of the enormous commitment displayed by our Retail colleagues over the last 18 months, the following once-off lump sum payments will be made to all hourly paid staff:

30-37.5 Hours€300
Less than 20€100

The company is committed to making these payments in the most tax efficient way possible via payroll.

All eligible colleagues are entitled to join the Eason Defined Contribution Pension Scheme. The Company proposes to increase the matched employee contributions from 1%-3% to 1%-5% of basic salary.

Sick pay
It is proposed that the Company will provide for 3 sporadic days of paid sick leave for all
colleagues with more than 1 years’ service, who are currently covered by the 2012 sick pay
scheme, provided the normal sick pay policy rules are followed.

Having regard to all of the prevailing circumstances both the national negotiating team and the Mandate Shop Stewards group have recommended the proposals for acceptance.

Meeting & Ballot
A virtual general meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th September , a link will be sent to you for the meeting via SMS. Thereafter your Shop Steward will conduct the ballots in store.

Copy of the Proposal
Click Here to view proposal in full

Yours fraternally

Lorraine O’Brien
Divisional Organiser