June 17th 2021


A chara

Further to the last update issued on the 4th June 2021 this is the latest position regarding the following issues.

€3m Government Fund

Following further engagement between the union and the relevant state agencies we are now in a position to convene a meeting of the national ex Shop Stewards group with a view to selecting the representatives who will participate on the oversight body. The oversight body will act as an in advisory capacity to Solas in the establishment and operation of the fund. This meeting is planned for Wednesday 23rd June 2021 and it is hoped once the selection of the representatives is completed the oversight group will commence their work in the very near future.

Individual Workplace Relation Commission Cases

The union continues to engage with senior representatives of the WRC regarding the these cases. We have recently been invited to a case conference to discuss the scheduling of the cases. We remain confident that hearings will take place in the near future. The sheer scale of the thousands of individual cases referred and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 have created challenges which will hopefully be overcome soon.  

Personal Belongings

Following constant representations by the union it now appears that KPMG have commenced individual engagement with ex Debenhams workers with a view to facilitating the recovery of personal belongings.

Legislative Change

On a constant basis the union along with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions continues to avail of every appropriate opportunity to advance the cause for meaningful change both in respect of company and labour law.

On behalf of

National Debenhams Team


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