06 August 2021



A Chara

Further to our most recent update this is the latest position regarding the following:

€3m Government Fund
We are still awaiting confirmation from the relevant government agencies with regard to the arrangements for the first meeting of the oversight group. As previously reported the union continues to liaise with these agencies on a frequent basis in an effort to ensure that the work of the group and appropriate distribution of the fund commences as quickly as possible.

Workplace Relations Commission- Individual Cases
Similar to the above the union continues to proactively engage with representatives from the Workplace Relations Commission with a view to having these cases heard as soon as possible. Again we await confirmation of dates in this regard.

Personal Belongings
As committed to in the last update the union continued with its efforts to get clarity from KPMG with regard to the release of the remaining personal belongings which they retain. Despite these efforts we have received no response.

Union Membership Status
At its most recent meeting the National Executive Council of the union decided that in the event of any ex Debenhams worker wishing to retain unemployed membership status they can apply for same by contacting their local union office. Such status is granted on the proviso that the appropriate weekly fee is paid and full acceptance of the rules of the union, specifically Rule 23.1 where it states.

Rule 23.1
The Union shall consist of any number of persons who are employed- including temporary employees- or normally employed or seek to be employed at an appropriate employment, as determined by the NEC, who accepts the principles, objects and methods of the Union and whose application for membership is accepted in accordance with this rule.

Mandate National Debenhams Team

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