27 August 2021


RE:          FUND

A Chara,

Hope you are enjoying the period of good weather over the last few days, we just wanted to update you regarding the Ex- Debenhams Workers fund.

As I’m sure you are aware at this stage, Mandate Trade Union have contacted the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (department responsible for the Fund) on numerous occasions over the recent weeks seeking an update from them as to the progress of setting up the fund. Mandate outlined in clear and unambiguous terms the need for matter to be progressed as matter of priority.

In response to aforementioned representations, the Department have responded in recent day’s advising that they are aware of the necessity to finalise the arrangements for the fund as quickly as possible. In addition they have advised that SOLAS are engaging with the liquidators on the identification of all the relevant former Debenhams workers who will be invited to apply for support from the Fund.

The Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science have also advised that they are engaged with their colleagues in Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on finalising the financing of the Fund and the associated staffing requirements.

Finally they have also confirmed that the final preparations are being made to appoint the “Advisory Committee”.

We are expecting a further update from the Department in the coming days and will update you accordingly.

Yours fraternally

Gerry Light
General Secretary

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