Ex Debenhams Members

16 March 2021

RE:  Further Update on Personal Belongings and Personal Data

Dear Member,

Following yesterday’s correspondence, please see subsequent response from Gerry Light to Andrew O’Leary as always, we will keep you advised of any developments.



Thanks for your email response regarding the above mentioned and I also wish to acknowledge the individual responses you have sent to those who have contacted KPMG directly in respect of the instant matter.

I note that you have drawn the distinction between personal belongings, however it is incumbent upon me to point out again that in some instances lockers contain both personal belongings and personal data (private & work related correspondence)

Notwithstanding the forgoing I welcome your confirmation whereby you state “we have not destroyed any items and will not be destroying any items from lockers”

Furthermore, we welcome your firm commitment to put in place a system for the retrieval of personal belongings, in welcoming same however you will recall that similar commitments have been made in the past which to date were not actioned, accordingly I seek a meeting as a matter of priority between yourself and the Mandate delegation to agree the process for the retrieval of the aforementioned belongings.

With regard to personal data, noting your responsibilities as the de facto “Data Controller” of this sensitive personal data, can you please outline the categories of personal data that will be retained or otherwise, the period for which the personal data concerned will be retained and how and where it will be stored. We would also welcome confirmation as to how the data might be accessed by the individuals concerned in the future.

I would be obliged, if you could revert by return as a matter of priority


Gerry Light

General Secretary

Mandate Trade Union