Garvey’s Super Valu Castleisland

27th October 2022

For the attention of Mandate members
Garvey’s Super Valu Castleisland

Re: Pay Claim

Dear Member,

Following on from the meeting of Mandate members held on Tuesday 25th October, 2022, the letter below has been sent to Mr. Kevin McCarthy, Managing Director, Garveys.

We will keep you informed of developments.

Yours sincerely,
For Mandate Trade Union,
Caroline Clifford
Industrial Officer

26th October 2022

Mr. Kevin McCarthy,
Managing Director,
Garvey’s Head Office,
Rock Street,
Co. Kerry.

Re;           Pay Claim / Garvey’s Super Valu Castleisland.

Dear Mr. McCarthy,

Following a meeting of Mandate members employed at Garvey’s Super Valu Castleisland I have been instructed to put forward the following pay and benefits claim on their behalf:

  1. A 6% pay increase on all pay rates;
  2. An increase in the Christmas Bonus;
  3. Retention of the Real Rewards discount of 15%;

We would anticipate that any agreement would have a duration of eighteen months commencing in November 2022.

Our members are unhappy and disappointed that heretofore the company has refused to engage with their trade union for the purpose of collective bargaining contrary to fact that the company engage with Mandate in many other locations.  Our members have therefore requested that the company commence discussions with Mandate in relation to their pay and benefits claim at earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely,
For Mandate Trade Union,
Caroline Clifford,
Industrial Officer.

c.c. Ms. Caroline McEnery, Managing Director, The HR Suite, Pier 17, Dingle Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

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