Heatons/Sports Direct – Carrickmines

To: All Mandate Members in the Heatons/Sports Direct, Carrickmines Store

Re: Requesting updating on Store Closure/Reopening

Date: 12th January 2023

Dear Member,

Please see below a copy of the correspondence forwarded to Ms. Sinead O’Moore, HR Manager (Ireland) in the above regard, which was sent by Registered Post yesterday. I will advise of any response or update to you accordingly.

Kind regards,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

Ms. Sinead O’Moore
HR Manager (Ireland)
Heaton House
IDA Business Park
Dublin 24

11th January 2023

By Registered Post:

Re: Heatons / Sports Direct – Carrickmines.

Dear Ms. O’Moore,

I have been instructed by our members employed in the above store to seek confirmation that they will be returning to work in the Carrickmines Store on 23rd January 2023.

Members were advised that the store closure would only be for a period of 3 weeks, and they would be returning to their own store on 23rd January 2023.

They have since learned that all Management will be out of the country on training for that week and are concerned that the Carrickmines Store will not be open for them to return to their place of work as agreed.

In this regard, can you confirm that they will in fact be returning to the Carrickmines Store on the agreed date.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Anderson
Industrial Officer

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