Heatons/Sports Direct Update on National Pay Proposals

To: All Mandate Members – Heatons/Sports Direct

Re: National Pay Agreement

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2021

Dear Member

A meeting of the National Shop Stewards group took place yesterday, Tuesday the 19th of October 2021. It was agreed by the group that the proposals arrived at through negotiation with the company will be put out to a ballot of the general membership. Your local union official will be in touch in the coming weeks regarding balloting arrangements for your shop.

Please see below a copy of the proposals.

Remember to encourage non-members to join at www.joinmandate.ie

Yours fraternally

Heatons/Sports Direct National Team

Collective Agreement

Following negotiations with Mandate Trade Union the following agreement was reached.  

*A retrospective pay increase from 1 March 2021 for six months (26 weeks) of 1%.  

A further 1% pay increase to be applied from 1 March 2022 

This collective agreement will run up until 31 December 2022.

The rest of the previous collective agreement between Mandate and the company will remain in place until 31 December 2022. 


Due to the unique circumstances and impact of the pandemic on trading all stores were not open for the full 26 weeks in which retrospection applies. The company was closed for 6 out of the 26 weeks retrospection applies too. If the company took the average hours over the full 26 weeks employee’s average hours would be lowered and they would be at a disadvantage due to the 6 week closure. In order to address this, the company will take the average hours over the 20 weeks in which it was trading. The company will then add the outstanding 6 weeks remaining (based off the 20 week calculation) totalling 26 weeks.


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