Important Update for all delegates to BDC from the Dublin North Division

To: All delegates to conference from the Dublin North Division
From: Robert Mc Namara, Divisional Organiser
Re: Correspondence from the General Secretary, Gerry Light
Date: 24th March 2022

Dear Delegate

Please see below important correspondence from Gerry Light, General Secretary of Mandate Trade Union regarding arrangements for conference.

As you are aware a pre conference meeting for delegates will take place this Monday 28th March see email and previous sms for further details.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the contents of the below please do not hesitate to contact 018870728 or email .

Yours fraternally

Robert Mc Namara
Divisional Organiser

24 March 2022

To:        All Mandate 20-22 Conference Delegates

Re:        Update on Delegate Conference Arrangements – 4/5 April 2022

Dear Delegate

At this stage you will have received the initial material for our forthcoming delegate conference on 4/5 April 2022.  As previously outlined, we intended to accommodate all delegates and guests in the Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar where the main conference is scheduled to take place. However, on Monday 21 March 2022 we were informed by hotel management that they were no longer able to provide accommodation for most of our delegates due to the fact that the government has acquired part of the facility to house refugees from war ravaged Ukraine.

As you are aware, it is four years since our last delegate conference, therefore it is imperative that we hold this year’s conference as planned. To deal with this last-minute development, we have secured accommodation for delegates in the Westport Woods Hotel, Westport and coach transfers are in place to transport delegates between the two locations on both days of the conference.

One of the events planned for conference was a banquet for delegates and guests on the evening of Monday 4 April, however due to the logistical issues arising from the transfers of the sizeable number of delegates between two locations and the current health and safety considerations, the National Executive Council has regrettably decided to cancel the banquet on this occasion. They also felt that it would be inappropriate and insensitive to hold a banquet close to the housed refugees. The charge for the banquet (€50) which is normally deducted from delegates’ expenses will now be retained by each delegate.

I am sure you will agree, whilst these late developments pose additional challenges, the inconvenience pales into insignificance when one considers the plight of those we are attempting to accommodate. In fact, we should view our collective effort as a demonstration of tangible solidarity towards our brothers and sisters from Ukraine and something we are only too willing and happy to facilitate. Working together we will ensure that our conference is successful notwithstanding the unprecedented and worrying times in which we are all living through.

In conclusion thank you for your understanding and support and I remind you that final conference material will issue in the coming days.  I look forward to seeing you in Castlebar at the start of April.

Yours sincerely

For Mandate Trade Union

Gerry Light
General Secretary