Launch of Retail Security Officers (RSOs) Petition in Impacted Shops & Letter to All Members of the Oireachtas

Date: 16th February 2022 

To: All Retail Security Officers (RSOs) and Shop Stewards in Impacted Shops 

From: RSO Negotiating Committee

Re: Launch of Store Based Petition 

Dear Member 

We are launching a petition for all Mandate members in impacted stores to express their solidarity with their RSO colleagues. We would ask that the Shop Stewards, House Committee Members and RSOs coordinate so that as many of your fellow union members as possible sign this petition.  

You will be receiving a hard copies of the petition in the coming days but if you want to start immediately you can download a copy at this link.  

At this point it is imperative that Tesco understand the solidarity all members in the impacted stores feel with their RSO colleagues. We will be engaging with the RSO Negotiating Committee regarding launching a national petition for Mandate members in other retailers and customers to sign, however there is nothing more powerful than solidarity on the shopfloor.  

Completed petitions are to be returned by Monday the 28th of February 2022 using the return envelopes contained in the petition pack.

Separately correspondence has been sent to The Taoiseach, Tanaiste and all TDs and Senators raising the issue. Please see a copy of the letter at this link.

Yours fraternally 
On behalf of the Tesco National Team

Jonathan Hogan

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