Law Society

To:      All Mandate Members Employed by Law Society

Re:      Pay Proposals

31 December 2021

Dear Member,

Over the past number of weeks, your Union Negotiating Team has been in talks with management in an effort to secure a new pay deal on your behalf.  During these talks we have discussed the challenges that you as employees have faced over the over the last 2 years from the effects and challenges of the the pandemic, working from home, layoff to the increased inflationary situation in the economy.

Having discussed the matter in detail with the Director General and the HR Director, the parties have agreed to recommend acceptance of a 2.5% increase , which if accepted by way of a ballot, would processed on Thursday 27th January 2022 and would be backdated to January 1st 2021. The agreement will cover a 12 month period after which your Union will be free to serve a claim on your behalf again.

Having regard to all of the circumstances including the advises of the the Trade Union “think tank” the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) as well as the trends from the WRC/Labour Court, your Union is recommending acceptance of the proposal.

In addition to the forgoing your negotiating team also outlined that we would like to enter an exploratory scoping out exercise over the coming months vis-a-vis some technical matters pertaining to the Pension Scheme. In this regard the Union will clarify and document the issues in an exploratory document so that these issues can be fully understood by management team.

An electronic ballot will commence later today and you will receive your individual ballot link to your email address, please note in some instances the email address on file are personal email addresses whilst others are there work email addresses, therefore please check both. If you do not receive the link to vote via email, please contact , before doing so please first check your junk folder.

The ballot will close on the January 12th and the outcome of which will be communicated to you by SMS on January 13th.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Yours sincerely

Robert McNamara
Divisional Organiser

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